losers spell it 'looser'

ome web pages set out to save the world.
This one has a far more modest purpose:
to save the world from loosers.

What are loosers? They're people who don't
know the difference between "lose" and "loose."

Here are some clues:
lose rhymes with news, loose rhymes with goose

If someone has referred you to this page, you've probably
confused those two very similar words. Don't be a looser.

Lose, v. t.:
To cease to have, to fail to obtain

Loose, v. n.
To relax; to make less strict.

Here are some simple examples:

You lose your job when you get fired for making silly mistakes.
You don't loose your job unless you release it from a cage.

You let your belt loose after Thanksgiving dinner.
You let your belt lose when it races with your tie.

Oh, and if you're trying to describe that kind of person who just
can't get anything right, who's always slow to figure things out,
who is doomed to come in last:
That's a loser.
Only one 'o' in that, like a big zero.